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Getting To Market With Your MVP

How To Achieve Small Business And Entrepreneur Success

Getting To Market With Your MVP is a book to assist college students, new entrepreneurs, and current business owners in their under- standing of how to bring a concept, product, or new business to market.

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Business Leader Success!
Vol. III

An Introduction To Elite Business Leaders!

Business Leader Success Volume III is a Multi-Author book that features various ELITE business leaders talking about business and money, business life, ethics, mentoring and coaching, and other success topics.

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God Made You

A Believer's Guide To

Learn God’s Perfect Design For Your Life. The purpose of this book is to provide a detailed framework of who God is and the perfection that He gave us according to the Bible.

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Lone Wolf

A Millennial Mindset

This book is to help you understand the topics of income, budgeting and other money management skills.

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How To Make
Better Business Decisions

A Common Sense Approach

This book provides a straightforward method of removing distortions among education and business practices. There are countless variables in life's journey, and operating with common sense will alleviate many issues.

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Transformational Leadership
And Workplace Effectiveness

An Educational Approach

Dr. Baker's doctoral dissertation, an exploration of changing the workplace enviornment for the improvement of corporate growth.


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