Comprehensive Business Treatment™

Limitless Opportunites

Dr. Baker & Associates LLC function as a conduit of information and knowledge for any size company. Our Business Hospital® Wings and practitioners posses a diverse set of skills and deep range of experience to provide best-in-class methodologies, techniques, and problem-solving skills. We boast 500 years of experience. We work closely with companies to provide significant solutions for efficiency, effectiveness, and overall growth.

Our Comprehensive Business Treatment™

Dr. Baker & Associates LLC provide objective advice and access to our company patients through two primary methods. One method is strategy (identify what to do and why) and the other is implementation (execution, who, how, when, and exactly what). The four basic functions of Management is the process of:


There are no static solutions as our strategy derive from close and custom work with our company patients along with research, assessment, and decision-making. We combine innovative strategies, industry knowledge, and advanced qualitative analysis to deliver best-in-class solutions. We understand industry drivers, team-building, and how to anticipate business influencing issues.

DBA assists patients discover unmet needs, emerging markets, innovative entrants, forecasts, along with the competitive landscape. Some aspects include:

Segmentation Analyses

Determining the opportunities within specific segments while focusing on potential returns to account management and field sales efforts.

Competitive Positioning

We use viability reports to determine the optimal strategy among complements, threats, and substitutes.

Sales and Promotion Strategies

We analyze the current and future sales models to offer the best advice on how to capture the market.

Distribution Channel Strategies

We determine if the company channels will lead to profitability and sustainability while also outlining additional advantages.


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