Dr. J.C. Baker

Founder & CEO

Dr. J.C. Baker is the founder of Dr. Baker & Associates a Business Treatment™ firm providing management strategy, leadership guidance, training, and innovation strategy for multinational organizations, mid-sized businesses, educational institutions, sports franchises, and public sector organizations.

Dr. J.C. Baker is a Doctor of Business Administration and Organizational Leadership as well as a certified professional in financial services. His Doctorate and MBA are from Northcentral University in Califormia and his B.A. in History hails from the University of Cincinnati.

As a leadership and strategy expert skilled in operational execution, he has delivered high-level solutions for start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Baker the originator of Transformational Leadership Exchange (TMX), a highly-researched leadership strategy proven to increase the effectiveness of any company or organization. This method combines the known findings of the impact of leadership with the dynamics of real-world scenarios to enhance the productivity of an organization through performance, strategy, innovativeness, and employee job satisfaction to name a few.

Dr. Baker has been personally successful in the realm of sales as a #1 sales performer in pharmaceuticals, automotive, mortgages, and development. His professional career was also enhanced by being a #1 best-selling and six-time author, entrepreneur, educator, coach, professional football player, and television personality for Fox Sports. All of these experiences provide a holistic approach to servicing companies at a premium level.

Dr. J.C. Baker is responsible for the strategic vision and overall execution of the family of Dr. Baker & Associates companies.

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