Joe Faisant


Joe is a senior financial leader with over 20 years’ experience as a Chief Financial Officer. After starting at KPMG, he moved into the property management, real estate development, and multifamily construction business, managing the accounting and IT needs of a privately held group of over 100 affiliated companies. After winding up the affairs of that company, he moved to another similar group of companies that included single-family home construction.

He was part of the executive team that took Champion Windows, a manufacturer and business to consumer retailing empire with over 70 locations at its peak, through a complex sale to private equity, a syndicated debt offering, and subsequent debt & equity restructurings. Joe was instrumental in developing enhanced metric reporting, detailed management reporting of key metrics and financial results to national, regional, and local operational leaders as well as outside reporting to banks, investors, and supply chain partners. Joe was also responsible for management buyouts of retail location division managers.

Joe is a 1989 graduate of Michigan State University's Program in Professional Accounting, with a BA and MBA in Professional Accounting.

Joe is responsible for all levels of financial strategy and growth of the Dr. Baker & Associates family of companies.

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