Jordan Kimbrell

Financial Health

Jordan Kimbrell is an extremely diligent and insightful Practitioner for the Dr. Baker & Associates family of companies. Jordan is a current student at Miami University, majoring in Finance. He has served as a representative on Miami's Student-Athlete Advisory Council and has served as a member of the West Chester Liberty Chambers Alliance event committee. Jordan boasts a myriad of connections through his golf caddying experience and extensive ties with the Evans Scholar Program. Jordan works to assist in the financial realm of startup solutions, understanding financial markets and trends, and differing forms of investments and strategies. He brings years of experience in the financial advising industry with fund management and market trading analysis.

Jordan serves as one of the leads in the proprietary financial captive model of BusinessAid for The Business Hospital®.

Jordan is responsible for financial strategy, project management, and intensive market research for the patients of The Business Hospital, and the family of Dr. Baker & Associates companies.

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